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"My heart is drawn to the inner strength of people.  My passion is helping them see the warrior spirit within as they travel the path of pregnancy and parenthood. This strength can be relied on throughout the rest of their lives"   
~Neva Gerke, LM, CPM, MSM

Photo Credit: Terah Lara

Laoch Midwifery specializes in Empowering Midwifery Care


Neva Gerke is a graduate of Bastyr University with a Master of Science in Midwifery.  She is a Licensed Midwife with the State of Washington and a Certified Professional Midwife with the North American Registry of Midwives.


Midwifery is a trade of the heart that has been calling people to serve for centuries.  Neva was inspired by her sister's insistence on a holistic, low intervention birth.  She heard her calling to midwifery during the home birth of her niece in the late hours of a winter night.  In the years since this pivotal moment in her life, Neva has dedicated herself to learning the trade and art of midwifery while participating in midwifery activism on a state and national level.     


In her practice, Neva strives to support each client’s desire to take an active role in health care decisions.  It is her goal to hold the emotional space and clinical awareness during pregnancy and birth so that each family can grow together as they welcome a new baby.  She views pregnancy and childbirth as normal aspects of life.  The day of each birth itself is such an important day! Neva appreciates that this day will be remembered forever.  The way a laboring person is treated during those precious hours can resonate forever.


Laoch means "warrior" in Gaelic


Laoch Midwivery is seated inside Tacoma's only free standing birth center, The Birthing Inn.  Neva and Tiffani can serve more families by catching babies primarily at TBI.  Homebirth services are offered for an additional fee on a limited basis.  Returning clients are given priority for limited home birth availability.  



Laoch Midwifery endeavors to pair an empowering service  while creating a sustainable practice for the midwife. We have to practice what we teach to remain healthy balanced individuals and midwives.  In order to create a more viable long-term practice, Neva and Tiffani work as a team to cover client needs by texts, phone calls, clinic appointments and birth services, every minute of every day of the year.  Non-urgent voicemails and messages are returned during business hours on week days. 



Laoch Midwifery has established relationships with other licensed midwives, nurse midwives, obstetricians, naturopathic physicians, pediatricians, chiropractors, and hospital staff that can be easily integrated into care for each client when necessary. These established relationships coupled with evidence based midwifery offers a safe, comprehensive community birth experience.



Neva and Tiffani are very active in midwifery activism and out-reach within the greater birth community. Both have served on the board of Directors for the Midwives Association Washington State (MAWS) and serve as instructors and teachers for various organizations in the birth world.  


Laoch provides midwifery care to all families.  We are dedicated to working toward resolving the dangerous health disparities that exist within our region and country.  We do this by practicing anti-racism and anti-oppression in our daily lives as well as while we practice Midwifery. We want every family to feel welcome at Laoch Midwifery.  


Laoch Midwifery is an Official Perinatal Safe Spot!  This means that the team at Laoch are dedicated to providing a safe place for each and ever pregnant person, but it's so much more.  Watch this short video to hear founder Jennie Joseph describe what a Perinatal Safe Spot is all about.  























Click Here if you would like to join the National Perinatal Task force, every little bit of love can make a difference!  


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